Phil at creek2I grew up on the outer edge of Milwaukee’s suburban creep where the corn fields of my youth have been replaced by golf courses and high-end subdivisions. The farm fields and nearby marshland were great places for adventures, mischief, fun and general filth. There were many occasions when my brothers and I had to strip out of our muddy clothes in the garage before being sent straight to the tub to clean up; sometimes a pre-rinse from the garden hose was required. My first climbing was done in the tree forts behind our house; there were a few falls and even a rescue that involved by being hauled off in a wheelbarrow.


I started dabbling with rock climbing early in high school but during my Junior year spent in Auckland, New Zealand it became more than just a passing hobby. The Rocknasium climbing gym in Auckland became my home away from home. The community there embraced a kid who was thousands of miles from home and made me fall in love with climbing for the community and camaraderie as much as for the physical movement.


Climbing has held large place in my life ever since. I sought out interships in Kentucky so that I could spend some time climbing in the Red River Gorge and landed another at Black Diamond which not only let me get a glimpse of what making climbing gear is like but explore the climbing opportunities in Utah and Idaho. Road trips let me check out more climbing and bouldering areas, mostly in the inter-mountain west and southeast.


After grad school, I moved to Kentucky and enjoyed three and half years of climbing what the Red River Gorge had to offer before packing up to move to Salt Lake City with my wife. The variety and volume of climbing within a few hours of Salt Lake is staggering and makes for a never ending list of routes to get on. 


American Made

Belay Specs are made in Salt Lake City by climbers and are the only belay glasses made in the USA. Furthermore, we source nearly all our components domestically to support American businesses and the US economy.

Making every pair in house allows us to ensure high quality and the flexibility to work with customers to customize their Specs. It also allows us to quickly respond to warranty issues and repairs since we have all the necessary equipment readily available.

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I’ve tried a number of a different belay glasses (...) and I like the Belay Specs the best. 

Andrew Bisharat, 2014 Holiday Gift Guide


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