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This blog has less to do with Belay Specs and more to do with our employee's climbing and outdoor outings.  We'll talk about exciting news about Belay Specs but we'll talk much more about the trips we've taken and the places we've checked out.  We'd like to share some of our experiences in the hope that they inspire you to check the areas out for yourselves. If you read about an area or activity in one of our posts and have questions on beta, route recommendations or anything else, leave a comment and we'll try to fill you in.

A good friend of mine is getting married in Indianapolis so I decided to head to Kentucky for a couple weeks and drive up to Indy for the wedding. I moved to Utah from Lexington, KY about a year ago, so I was excited to get back to see friends and spend time climbing in the Red River Gorge.

After living in Kentucky for three and a half years and climbing  80 to 90 days a year, I left the Red having climbed nearly all the sub-5.12 sport routes. I spent the last four months trying to get ready for this trip with treadwall workouts and 4x4’s but I fear my training fell apart in the last month as I worked overtime to take a long weekend trip and then spent a week on vacation with my in-laws. I was hoping to knock off a few mid-12s but I think I’ll have to lower my sights to a couple 12a’s and some new easier routes.

I got into Lexington in late afternoon and my friend Bram Bell picked me up at the airport. Bram owns Bluegrass Boulders, a great little bouldering gym in Lexington that he opened up a couple years ago. Lexington had been without a gym for over 5 years but is full of climbers so Bram decided he’d open up a gym. When Bram told me he’d leased the space I thought he was crazy but told him I’d promise to help him as much as I could. Over the next couple months I would spend 3 or 4 hours a night after work at the gym helping him put up vapor barrier, build walls, cut stairs and drinking beer. The place was built by the community with friends and random climbers coming out to help get a gym up and running. While the gym is small, it’s great for training with quality routes and two tread walls to help build up the endurance needed to excel at the Red. Another great feature is that the gym is open 24 hours a day to key card carrying members, letting folks train around their schedule.

Bram was working at the gym that night so I headed over there with him and caught up with some friends and made plans to climb with some over the course of the next week. I also enjoyed an Ale8, the somewhat legendary ginger ale of Kentucky. It was a great first day back in Kentucky.

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