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This blog has less to do with Belay Specs and more to do with our employee's climbing and outdoor outings.  We'll talk about exciting news about Belay Specs but we'll talk much more about the trips we've taken and the places we've checked out.  We'd like to share some of our experiences in the hope that they inspire you to check the areas out for yourselves. If you read about an area or activity in one of our posts and have questions on beta, route recommendations or anything else, leave a comment and we'll try to fill you in.

After over a month of working 80 hour weeks, my wife finally had two days off in a row so we jumped on the opportunity and headed to Maple Canyon for a couple days. We picked up our friends Emily and Ben on Friday morning and headed down. Ben broke his heel a few weeks ago and wanted to get out of the house for the weekend. Maple is 100 miles from Salt Lake and with the construction on I-15 near Provo usually takes about two hours. We hit some additional construction and got to Maple in the late morning.

Emily and Alana haven’t been leading much since last summer so we headed to Roadkill Wall to get on some shaddy, easy routes. There are a bunch of sub-10 routes at Roadkill Wall, just the thing the girls needed to warm up to climbing again. The routes at Roadkill Wall are great for beginners and for first leads. There is a chimney that divides the wall and the routes to the left of the chimney are nice and long while those to the right are a little bit tougher but short. While we were climbing Ben had some fun messing with the Belay Specs and camera, trying to get pictures through one of the prisms. The effect is pretty neat although hard to get a really good shot. Here's one of Alana climbing.

The sun in Maple is pretty intense so once it came over the top of the wall, we headed back to the car for lunch. After lunch we headed off in search of shade and ended up at the Orangutan Wall. This wall is nice and shady in the afternoon and offers a dozen long, well bolted vertical routes from 5.7 to 5.10d.. On a nice weekend afternoon it is almost guaranteed to be busy. Alana tied in and headed up Superfly (5.8), one of those nice long routes. Ben was getting antsy and decided climbing with a huge boot was a good idea and none of us could convince us otherwise. I can't be too critical of him, I once bouldered at a gym while my broken knee was mending.

Afterwards, Emily wanted to get on something a little bit steeper so we crossed the canyon to The Pipeline. A dry creek bed lies at the base of the wall and the moving water has carved the wall into a half pipe provided steep terrain for short, bouldery routes. I got on Dyna Bone (5.10b), a short 5-bolt route that goes up a slight break in the pipe and is one of the least steep routes on the main wall. After climbing the slabby and vertical routes, reading the cobbles on the steeper rock was a challenge. The cobbles at Maple takes time to adjust to and learning to read the rock is key to being able to send more difficult routes. Emily and Alana got on Dyna Bolt and had similar struggles with reading the rock. In between their attempts on Dyna Bolt, I got on Angry Itch (5.11b) and CrapO (5.11d) and managed to on-sight both although not with much grace or cool. We packed up after these routes and headed to the upper parking area to cook dinner.

It is tough to get a camp spot at Maple Canyon on weekends in the summer and we had no luck. Free BLM camping is available however up the road in a meadow on the other side of the ridge. The road is pretty rough and I didn’t think my old Outback would be up to the task. Instead my friend Buddy shuttle us up to the meadow in his Explorer when he got in around 8:30 pm. The road was rougher than I remembered and I was glad that I chose not to drive up there. If you’ve got a decent 4x4 with good ground clearance you should be able to make it up the road and not have to worry about reserving a campsite at Maple again.

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