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This blog has less to do with Belay Specs and more to do with our employee's climbing and outdoor outings.  We'll talk about exciting news about Belay Specs but we'll talk much more about the trips we've taken and the places we've checked out.  We'd like to share some of our experiences in the hope that they inspire you to check the areas out for yourselves. If you read about an area or activity in one of our posts and have questions on beta, route recommendations or anything else, leave a comment and we'll try to fill you in.

Alana wanted to get some climbing in before she started work at noon so we headed up to Parley’s Canyon. I had been here once 6 years ago and didn’t remember it very fondly. The Wasatch Range forms the eastern edge of the Salt Lake valley and is full of canyons that offer space for great biking, peaceful hikes and beautiful vistas. Parley’s is the exception to the rule because it was chosen to have Interstate I-80 running through it. The routes lie a hundred yards uphil from the road way and it is hard to hear each other over the road noise. The walls are approached from above on a trail that cuts down a steep hill between the rock outcroppings. Rapping in is an option and is probably safer than hiking down the loose gravel on the hill.

After initially going to the wrong wall, we end up under a 5.8 called Gotta Be Tall or Else You’ll Fall and Alana starts racking up. The guidebook says the name is deceptive and the route isn’t actually reachy but I’m a bit doubtful. The first bolt is about 20 feet high up some slab and I’m able to stick clip it by standing on a rock. The second bolt is another 15 or so feet up and to the right, approaching groundfall range. Alana starts up and manages to get through a blank reachy area to the first bolt. She begins to move above the bolt but finds it awkward. The holds aren’t very positive and with the runout looming above, continuing on doesn’t seems smart. She downclimbs to the first bolt, lowers off and passes the lead to me. I too find the start thin and holds just above the bolt not so great. As I move higher the holds improve a bit and I manange to clip the second bolt after spending time trying to find decent holds. The crux is leaving the second bolt, getting a foot into a hole around the corner and rocking up on it. Not super hard but a bit committing and not obvious as the foot is hard to see. The rest of the route is a little runout but not to exciting. It’s a nice long line with decent exposure and nice chain anchors at the top (to rappel to the base next time).

Alana top ropes the route to clean it and finds the sections that slowed me down a bit challenging but the rest reasonably enjoyable. When she gets back down it’s time to pack up and head home. The hike out is obnoxious and we debate on whether we’ll return to explore other climbs. I have pretty low standards when it comes to climbing so I’m sure I’ll be back; Alana’s time is more valuable so she’d rather go somewhere where she knows she’ll like the routes and atmosphere. The only way she’s coming back is if I find some gems and convince her they’re work the hike and less than serene climbing experience.

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