• Clear, Crisp Optics
    Clear, Crisp Optics

    Belay Specs have great optics and a design that allows you easily look around the glasses to keep an eye on your environment.

  • Works with Glasses
    Works with Glasses

    Belay Specs were designed to fit over most prescription and sun glasses so you can see clearly and comfortably.

  • Bend the light, Not your Neck
    Bend the light, Not your Neck

    Belay Specs bend the light so you don't have to bend your neck. You're neck will feel the difference right away!

  • A More Attentive, Better Belayer
    A More Attentive, Better Belayer

    Belay Specs let the belayer keep a constant eye on their partner in comfort to provide a better belay.

  • Affordable, Comfortable Belaying
    Affordable, Comfortable Belaying

What are Belay Specs?

Belay Specs are belay glasses that can improve belayer comfort while improving belayer attiveness. Our belay glasses use light "bending" prisms which allow the belayer to look up without bending their neck. Eliminating extreme neck bending minimizes typical belay discomfort, allowing belayers to keep a constant eye on their partners and provide a better, more responsive belay.

why use belay glasses?

Reduced Time with Head Bent Back: Since Belay Specs bend the incoming light, the belayer doesn't have to bend their neck to keep an eye on the climber. Anyone who has belayed for a time knows how quickly the looking up position becomes uncomfortable.

More Attentive Belaying: Not have to bend your neck to see up means the belayer can comfortably keep a close eye on their partner. The belayer will be more likely to see a foot behind the rope, notice a back clip, realize their climber is looking shakey or remember the sequence through a cruxy bit.

Rock Fall and Debris: A more attentive belayer is also more likely to see things that can hurt them, namely falling rock, and be able to avoid them. An unexpected benefit of belay glasses is that you're less likely to get sand or debris in your eye because you're eyes aren't facing up.

Better Belaying Position: Since looking up is comfortable, the belayer isn't tempted to step back from the wall risking a longer leader fall and having the belayer getting sucked into the wall.

American Made

Belay Specs are made in Salt Lake City by climbers and are the only belay glasses made in the USA. Furthermore, we source nearly all our components domestically to support American businesses and the US economy.

Making every pair in house allows us to ensure high quality and the flexibility to work with customers to customize their Specs. It also allows us to quickly respond to warranty issues and repairs since we have all the necessary equipment readily available.

What our users have to say

Belay glasses greatly reduce the strain on my neck incurred watching my climber during a long steep pitch. As a result, I am a more attentive belayer, ready to pay out rope for clips and catch falls when the action gets spicy. The clarity through the Belay Specs prism is top-notch! 

Buddy Tangalos, Salt Lake City, UT

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