Keeper Cord and Arm Band Colors

While the keeper cord and arm bands serve functional purposes, they also add color and allow for personalization of your Belay Specs. For the keeper cord, we use high strength 1.5mm and 2.0mm Sterling cord in one of four colors: solid black, red with yellow spots, blue with red spots or yellow with green and purprle spots. The cord is secured by arm bands which we offer in 6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white. Custom two and three tone arm bands are possible, please make a note of this when ordering in the "What is your favorite route" text box. Scrowl down to see all the single arm band/cord combinations.


Black Cord with Black Arm Bands

BlackBlackWebBlack Cord with Black Arm Bands


Black Cord with Blue Arm Bands



Black Cord with Green Arm Bands



Black Cord with Purple Arm Bands



Black Cord with Red Arm Bands



Black Cord with Orange Arm Bands



Black Cord with Yellow Arm Bands



Black Cord with White Arm Bands



Blue Cord with Black Arm Bands



Blue Cord with Blue Arm Bands



Blue Cord with Green Arm Bands



Blue Cord with Purple Arm Bands



Blue Cord with Red Arm Bands



Blue Cord with Orange Arm Bands



Blue Cord with Yellow Arm Bands



Blue Cord with White Arm Bands



Yellow Cord with Black Arm Bands



Yellow Cord with Blue Arm Bands



Yellow Cord with Green Arm Bands



Yellow Cord with Purple Arm Bands



Yellow Cord with Red Arm Bands

Yellow RedWEBYellowRedZoomWEB


Yellow Cord with Orange Arm Bands



Yellow Cord with Yellow Arm Bands



Yellow Cord with White Arm Bands



Red Cord with Black Arm Bands

RedBlackWebRed BlackZoomWeb 


Red Cord with Blue Arm Bands



Red Cord with Green Arm Bands



Red Cord with Purple Arm Bands



Red Cord with Red Arm Bands



Red Cord with Orange Arm Bands

RedOrangeWeb RedOrangeZoomWeb


Red Cord with Yellow Arm Bands

RedYellowWeb RedYellowZoomWeb


Red Cord with White Arm Bands



What our users have to say

After wearing these belay glasses for one day, we felt like idiots we didn't get a pair sooner! Seriously, anyone who climbs (and subsequently belays) should have a pair! They work for ALL climbs (not just steep ones), saving the neck, and providing a safer belay because your belayer can actually keep watching you from nearly any angle. In fact, the ability to view your climber from almost any direction and have good peripheral vision means even if you catch yourself eying another climber on your project, you can still keep your eye on your climber at the same time! 

Ben and Lindsey Kunz, Seattle, WA. Read more at her blog

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